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The paragraph which I am now writing is about ‘Citizens As Customers: Considerations on the New Politics of Consumption’, that is a text written by Wolfgang Streeck. Wolfgang, who is a German economic sociologist, worked as a professor of sociology and industrial relations at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, between the years of 1988 and 1995. He writes texts about contemporary economy and sociology and people’s relationship with consumption. In this text there is a sentence with a very important quotation, that is “Given the structure of competition and their desire for low prices, customers did not expect to have much choice; Henry Ford’s dictum about his T2 model, that ‘you can have it any colour you like as long as it’s black’, still applied grosso modo to the relationship between producers and consumers in the sellers’ markets of post-war Fordism”, that explains to the readers how industry worked in that time and also he teaches that “As workers began to rebel, demanding an increasing share of profits after two decades of uninterrupted growth and full employment, customers were also becoming more difficult”. Streeck has a blog with many other texts (both in German and in English) about consumer society and how industry works nowadays, for example.


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